Location Artwork - Larnak
23 Feb | 10:00 am

'Ah, Larnak, the city of contradictions. It sits in the middle of the hottest, driest desert of the continent and yet you could not find a more damp and dark place. The reason is, of course, the presence of the vast underground lakes around which the settlement was built. The waters are sacred to the desert-dwelling Sadirar tribes and yet these days the Imperials use them as industrial ponds to grow their precious brightkelp. But that is not the strangest thing to see in Larnak, oh no. For that reason, take in its wonders but tread lightly, good master.'

- Agos the wanderer in conversation with a young nobleman bound for Larnak

The next large content patch for Vagrus adds the city of Larnak and its surroundings in the game. The third large hub in the regions you can explore (after Tor'Zag's Shelter and Deven), the underground city is characterized by lakes that are the source of its wealth because of the brightkelp they grow in them. This phosphorescent algae burns with a pale, clean light when dried properly and so it has become one of the most popular light sources of late. Odd people from the wasteland are often drawn to Larnak, the only truly safe settlement of the west. These include elemental-worshiping Sadirar, influential Imperial Trading Houses, and even the mysterious Yskorri, who are said to herd the huge insect race called Yrgs.

This piece of art is easily one of the best in the game. Péter Kovács, our most prolific location artist, really outdid himself with this one, perfectly capturing the atmosphere with the various light sources and dark spots. In the foreground, workers toil on the brightkelp fields, while the wealthy district of Lucernum rises in the background, and high up above the fortresses of the surface bake in the merciless sunlight.


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