Combat Poses - Javek
04 Sep | 10:00 am

Javek is one of our main characters in the Prologue and he'll hopefully make his return in the main game, too. A budding sorcerer with telepathic powers, he can read thoughts, see glimpses of the future, and even cause pain and damage to someone's mind.

His combat phases/poses reflect these abilities. Here's a list of skills the above displayed images are connected to:

  • Mind Blast (top left): A ranged attack that can only be negated by magic resistances. It essentially burns the mind of the victim, though it takes a lot out of Javek as well.
  • Premonition (top right): Javek sees briefly into the future in a trance. This results in Initiative bonuses to him and a single companion.
  • Receding Strike (bottom left): Javek is no fighter but he can defend himself with his bronze sabre if he has to. His strike is followed by a backwards movement so that he can distance himself.
  • Downed (bottom right): When his Vitality points are depleted, Javek falls down (as all companions do) and has to be defended, otherwise, he might die for good.

Javek is a support and ranged damage dealer character. He is on the squishy side but can be extremely lethal if others defend him.



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