Character Poses - Renkailon
09 Apr | 10:00 am

We decided to revitalize an older series of posts that detailed companion skills and displayed some poses for these characters. This time we will take a look at the Dark Elf scout Renkailon in all his grim glory.

First and foremost, Ren was designed as a ranged-melee hybrid character with some really useful support capabilities. His damaging attacks are all Armor Piercing, which helps against armored foes quite a bit. Though Ren is not very sturdy, his high Evade stat allows him to avoid damage effectively.

Mark Target: This skill allows Ren to put a mark on a single enemy. This enemy then is easier to hit and to score critical hits against. Mark is a wonderful way to help you focus-fire down enemies.

Knife Throw: This is his default ranged attack. Ren throws not one but two knives at a target with high accuracy and critical value.

Furtive Stab: A melee attack with the Armor Piercing perk. Even though Ren is not very good at staying in melee, he can be quite useful in addition to other fighters.

Caltrops: Ren throws caltrops (small, sharp pieces of metal) onto an unoccupied position on the enemy side, which damages opponents who walk onto the position. The damage taken from this trap causes bleeding.

As you can see, Ren is ideal to set traps and single out targets for himself and others to devastate. He is more comfortable staying at range but can hold his own for a while when put into melee. He is a great addition to any comitatus not only because of his combat uses but because of him being a Scout Master - someone who can help you survive the harsh wastelands of the game's world.

If you want to learn more, Ren also makes a short appearance in our lead-in short story 'The End of the World' that you can read here. Granted, he is 10 years younger and is attached to a completely different comitatus. :)

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