Character Artwork - Eylani
28 Sep | 10:00 am

Eylani is a companion character who has thus far been unavailable for recruitment in the game. She is a Half-Elven warrior, wanderer, beastmaster, and huntress. Not only is she a formidable frontline fighter able to tank a lot of hurt but can also use Striker, her falcon, to disrupt enemies, as well as overwatch positions to cause good damage.

When designing Eylani, we had to consider that Half-Elves have no material culture of their own as they are not a united race by any means. However, they do have some common traits, especially those that live in accordance with nature, like she does. And so we added the feathers, the organic materials, the face-paint, and the leaf-like motifs while keeping the "wasteland ranger" look.

You will be able to hire Eylani when the game hits 1.0 on October 5!

The Lost Pilgrims Team


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