Character Artwork - Assassin
15 Dec | 10:00 am

The Assassin enemy in Vagrus is a version of the Handjari Assassins of Tark, sharing skills and a general appearance of a masked, sneaky killer. Yet their looks are less culturally specific than their Tarkian brethren and this was the goal with their character art so that they can fit easier into the many combat encounters where mercenaries or henchmen are found, complementing their combat effectiveness with their deadly toys.

Despite the removal from Tarkian culture, the Assassin enemy still retains the weaponry and skill set of the hired killers from that desert province. Curved blades, throwing daggers, flash bombs, deadly poison, and even combat drugs are commonly used by these murderers to achieve success. Their clothing hides their identity and makes them easier to move in battle - an important aspect as they wear little to no armor to be able to sneak in for a killing blow.


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