Patch 0.5.21 - codename: HighLife
09 Dec | 10:00 am

Hey everyone, a quick recap of the patch/fix that went live during the weekend can be found here. Hopefully, the more egregious errors have been squashed, now onto the smaller ones as well as the upcoming content development before the year closes out. :)

New/Updated Features:  

  • Exploit leadership perk enabled. Use RF to reroll available Trade Tasks  
  • Objective area markers for certain events where you need to scout a larger area [like bounties] so you know, at least roughly, the location  
  • Goods category filters on the Market  
  • Specify quantity button on the Market - mainly for Steam Remote Play users playing on iPads  
  • Goods pilfered by the enemy can be taken back if you destroy them in Crew Combat  - Entering major settlements with a larger armed force now requires a license  
  • Vagrus now runs in the background

Bug Fixes:

  • Heritage of Hatred questline location is now actually on the map  
  • Blessing of Unbiding works on companions - time to hunt some specters  
  • Eliminated over 300 nodes and 2000 lines from the most dense areas of the campaign map  
  • The Wyrm's Teeth shows up on the Chart as intended  
  • The event connected to the Wyrm's Teeth now properly pops up (if all dependencies are met)  
  • Initiating banter during the rest before the Gor'Goro Arena match no longer breaks the game  
  • Chapter I. save in the PotW story fixed  
  • Applied a great many changes to Crew Combat calculations  
  • Approximately 300 Crew Combat templates rebalanced (probably needs 3-4 more passes before release :P)  
  • Crew Combat Action with 'Not against Beast/Undead' requirement fixed

Let us know how you find these changes, and as always, any help with our store reviews and/or recommending Vagrus to others is much appreciated.

Conquer the wasteland!

The Lost Pilgrims Team

P.s.: we are embarking on a final Unity upgrade, probably release an updated Prologue version then break for the holidays so this is the last build for the main app this year.  Enjoy!


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