Public Beta Branch Live - Patch 1.1.30 with Controller and Small screen support
27 Jan | 11:00 am

So what’s new on that public beta branch? Basically, everything we have added for hand-held porting and controller support, as well as screen optimization and accessibility features. A more detailed rundown of these can be found in our previous devlog here.

As a small surprise, the Patronage Pack DLC now includes two additional wallpapers, one for each of our free DLCs: Vorax & The Seekers of Knowledge. Enjoy!

Now let's jump into the patch details:

Important Note: Considering the extent of the improvements, there is little to no chance that we broke nothing in the process. Assume that we did not want to make anyone's life harder. If you see something amiss, please flag it to us using the usual channels, like the inbuilt reporting tool (F1 button), forums, and our Discord server.



Content changes

  • Knowledge victory questline: Increased the drop rate for Pristine Crystals in the Crystal Archives
  • Slightly better price for Spice in Larnak, should you bring some from Tectum Carvos

New/Updated User Interface Features

  • Revamped Bug reporting screen (and backend integration on our side)
  • A new, Full UI Zoom feature can be activated in the Video Settings. It makes the game’s content easier to read and manage on smaller screens.
  • Tutorial windows are resized and repositioned when the UI zoom is active.
  • Players can zoom into an active UI window using the UI Zone Zooming feature also found in the Video Settings. UI Zone Zooming has 3 modes: Pinch, Double Tap, and Direct Button.
  • A button has been added to check the location info of newly acquired Rumors.

Bug Fixes

  • The game no longer freezes on the Throw-out pane after a Mount-up + Dismount outrider combo
  • Fixed a bug where Movement Points were not refreshed on a new day after inventory overflow
  • A number of tooltips that were disappearing are now fixed
  • Predicted Authority can no longer go over 6
  • Fixed a bug where Event texts were chopped off on resolutions higher than 1080p (Full HD)
  • Fixed a bug where the Heat Shielding Crystal was not working in some cases
  • Some UI inconsistencies in ‘Pilgrims of the Wasteland’ were fixed
  • Reenabled shadow effect on Load Game/Save Game screens
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain Companion Combat preparation animation phases to be missing
  • Fixed a bug where the decals of DOT Skills were missing
  • The name field of the description in Companion Combat is now empty when there’s no character to show the description of
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the combat background was black if Companion Combat was triggered in a settlement
  • Finndurarth’s missing Skill SFX was added

Known Issues:

  • There are still some inconsistencies with UI zooming and the new tutorial windows
  • Sometimes escort/rescue Tasks do not work correctly
  • The character sheet pictures are sometimes not correct in Companion Combat
  • Sometimes Gear is shown to be still used by a Companion who has already left the comitatus

Coming Up Next

  • Controller support 'beta' refinements (e.g.: campaign map movement)
  • option at the end of Crew CombatDeal with the slaves
  • Obstacles in Companion Combat
  • Stay tuned and conquer the wasteland!

- The Lost Pilgrims Team

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