Project Update - Upcoming Changes Part III
12 May | 10:00 am

In our previous project update, we discussed the changes of combat, as well as alterations we made to the Log and the Character Sheets. This week’s update covers modifications to the Initiative (INI) track that is receiving some much-needed polish.

Initiative Order Track - Before the Enhancements

Buffs and debuffs modifying INI didn’t take effect before the next round, and Downed Companions received only one action at the end of the Round. Apart from that, Stunned and Downed characters weren't included in the INI order at the top at all.

What We Changed

The goal here was to grant more immediate agency to the player during combat and to brush things up for increased visual clarity. To achieve that, we’ve adjusted combat design so that changes to INI will take effect from the active moment (ie right away). Furthermore, Downed and Stunned characters will show up in the INI order.

This way, buffs and debuffs on INI will gain more significance, as well as an immediate impact on combat. The gif below shows Criftaa being returned from Downed status right away.

Our intention was to allow players to have a clear overview of which characters have been affected, while still keeping their order in the chain visible for planning and impactful combat decisions.

All of this will be added to the game shortly with our coming build. That’s not all, however, we’ve got more in the works, as always. Stay tuned for new updates and conquer the wasteland!

- The Lost Pilgrims Team


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