Project Update - Reboot 2019 Summary and Fig Campaign Outlook
30 Apr | 10:00 am

Hey everyone,

many of you asked us about our Croatian getaway, so we thought we would write a brief recount of the experience and share it with all of you.

In short: Reboot was awesome. We've enjoyed and learned about so many things that it would be hard to just list them all.

But let's start from the beginning: getting there and getting situated.

According to our plans, the core team (all four of us) traveled to Dubrovnik by car. We were on the road  for 12 hours to get there, and it took 11 hours to come back. Gabor and Nobo took turns at the wheel. The venue of the conference itself was a huge hotel at a rock's throw from the sea while our Airbnb accommodation was about a 20 minutes walk away, part of which was following the beach. Unfortunately, it was raining most of the time, so the location was less enjoyable than it could have been. We  ended up traveling by car between the two places on more than one occasion.

Then there was the conference itself.

First off, it was much larger than we had expected based on it being held in a Croatian small town called in Mlini, situated a few kilometers from Dubrovnik. The various professional presentations and panel discussions went parallel on eight stages for three days without long breaks. There were also dozens of Indie game developer teams - including us - set up in the lobby and corridors between the stages, showcasing their games to the conference participants and to each other.

We don't know the exact number but we have estimated over a thousand conference participants for the three days. From that crowd about 50-60 people sat down to play our game (average 25 minutes) and two or three times that number stopped to watch our displays and chat about the game. Turns out it is much more exhausting to stand around and talk to people about your game all day than we had thought. :)

There were fewer journalists than we expected but we gave a few interviews and we're quite excited to see or read them if and when they get published. We'll of course share them as soon as they get published. Many people has subscribed to our upcoming crowdfunding campaign at Fig, too.

In addition, we have made a lot of good connections (mostly in the form of a 10 cm high stack of business cards), gained valuable experience (what could go even better next time), and amazing feedback. Everyone appreciated the game, highlighting the high production values, the quality of graphics, music, and writing. Also, the most frequently heard feedback from both fellow developers and other game industry professionals was 'how shocked they were that we've got so far with development within such short time frame'. It was especially important for us to hear as it was a clear reinforcement of our strategy, as well as an appreciation of all the passion and hard work we've put into the creation of Vagrus.

The trip was also meant to be a team-building of sorts and considering that everyone had to step out of their comfort zones from time to time, it was also a learning experience. Thus, going on this adventure was a great thing as well for all of us, both individually and as a team.

All in all, we believe that the trip was very well worth it and if the news articles about the game get published, the balance will be even more positive.

The next step is the Fig campaign, which we worked on throughout April, was sent out via email to Fig's Backstage Pass members last week; and will go public in early May. Here is the link you can use to check it out in advance: Fig Campaign.

The Lost Pilgrims Team

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