Project Update - November 2018
28 Nov | 10:00 am

It seems we are getting into the habit of sharing project updates monthly now - there is just so much going on. To make the best use of your time, let's jump right in!

Social Media

We have got an awesome two months behind us since our last social media update. The most important development was that we put additional effort into regularly publishing news about Vagrus on major gaming portals like Steam, GameJolt,, and IndieDB. And it paid off! We have gathered over a thousand new followers on those platforms. Just during the four days of being featured on GameJolt, more than five hundred fans signed up to follow our journey.

Regarding our other social media channels, our Twitter fanbase increased by 50% in the last two months, Instagram grew with about a hundred followers, while Facebook has been lagging behind a bit. It will be very interesting to see how the numbers change when we enter the next chapter in development. But more about that in the next section.

Opening Up Prologue Alpha Testing

Preference and performance: these two words describe best what we would like to get out of involving more testers. At first, we thought we would get tons of new bug reports and improvement areas called out by our continuously growing tester base but interestingly, that was not the case. Only a small fraction of the matters raised were new to us. On the other hand, it quickly became obvious for us that the perceived importance of said issues were often different from what we had thought. We felt that the Event scroll UI needed improvement but almost no one complained about it. Another example was that though we knew the combat targeting needed attention and we were planning to do that eventually, so many players - in fact almost all of them - raised concerns about it that we had to push it up to the top of our priority list.

The other area we are yet to delve deeper into is performance. We have play-tested the game on a number of PCs but we need to extend that significantly to identify the areas where we need to optimize the game. It will be a huge task with no real added value for those playing on high-end computers but will mean a big deal to our fans wanting to play Vagrus on their older laptops. So bear with us, if you see less development on the front that just means we are improving the back-end.

As always, thanks for following our journey and we appreciate your help greatly with sharing news about Vagrus, be it through any channel.

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