Project Update - All Merch Dispatched & Fig Campaign Closing
03 Mar | 10:00 am

We are happy to report that after a long, drawn-out battle with boxes, wrappers, and the employees of the postal services, we managed to send out all the physical rewards we could. All that remains are a handful of rewards where some information is missing (we did not receive a name or an address from the customer) or that wasn't picked up. But the vast majority of the rewards are on their way - if not at their destinations already.

Altogether, the process was quite exhausting but the moments when the various items of merch arrived were great. By the time of penning this post, everyone on the team has received their T-shirts and had a chance to fiddle with the physical rewards.

The artbook turned out to be a fan and team favorite. Picking the finished order up from the printer and moving it around on this tiny cart was quite a funny sight to behold.

They barely fit in the trunk of the car!

Packing for delivery was much less exciting but there is a certain pressure involved: you want to make sure that everything arrives to its destination intact.

Of course, those that have no funds to hire people to handle fulfillment, nor to rent a warehouse, have to face the consequences: no living room for a couple of months!

Luckily, order has returned by now and all that remains is a stack of Collectors' Editions - which, turns out, is quite an amazing sight!

Closing our Fig Campaign in March

Fig is shifting their focus to investments only without the crowdfunding side, so it's time for us to move on as well. With barely a few pledges in the last few months, it was a no-brainer to decide that we are closing our Fig campaign down (on 13th March), and will eventually look for a new place to sell our merch through.

A big Thank You! to everyone supporting us over there - our earliest supporters along with our friends on Patreon. Stay tuned and conquer the wasteland!

- The Lost Pilgrims Team


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