Pre-Alpha Combat UI #1
31 May | 10:00 am

This video is showcasing the UI in combat in its current state.


What's new, you ask? Several things:

- Target's Stats and Expected Outcome

While the active character (whose turn it is) is displayed on the left part of the UI, the current target can be seen on the right side. When you select a skill on the active character, you can see its expected outcome (damage, etc.) as well on the target panel.

- Combat Log

Combat log is displayed in the middle just below the initiative order bar (where the order in which characters act in a round is displayed). The log informs the player on all actions in combat (who did what and what was the effect, what were to rolls, etc.). The log exists in two versions: the default is the minimized view, but by using the middle button above the initiative bar you can open it into the normal view, which displays more log text.

- Character Sheets and Maximized Log

When the third button above the initiative bar is used, the character sheets on both sides open into a large, detailed sheet, with the combat log in a maximized view in the middle. The character sheets detail all the combat-related stats of a character. This includes the skills they can use in combat (lower region on the sheet), with skill levels and all related information.

In general, combat UI is coming together nicely. You can expect short videos such as this in the future, too, showcasing other UI elements.

As always, thank you so much for your continued support!

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