Map Art - The First Starting Region
21 Feb | 10:00 am

The images above are from one of the starting regions of the main game, shedding some light on parts of the huge campaign map the player can traverse in Vagrus.

We can already hear you ask: 'But guys... why don't you show off the whole map?'

Believe us, we've been thinking about it but finally decided against giving away the whole campaign map mainly because one of the most attractive things about Vagrus is the ability to go to all these places and discover them yourself.

This particular map section mainly contains the Jagged Waste - a vast, arid, rocky desert with difficult terrain. There are some mountains here and there, as well as peculiar crystal forests and whole areas covered in stone spires. It is also a densely populated territory (at least in Xerynese standards), with the regional capital of Tor'Zag's Shelter and other larger settlements. This is the reason it was selected as a starting zone - not only is there a lot to do but it is also a somewhat safer area on the border of the Empire and the Dragonlands with well-maintained (but severely taxed) roads.

The artist, Bazsó, has carefully hand-crafted the map based on meticulously built chart sketches. There is a lot of detail here if one goes looking for it.

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