Location Artwork - Tahrar Barak
20 Apr | 10:00 am

Tahrar Barak, or the "Grim Plains", is a volcanic highlands region surrounding the Molten Tongue. To the west, it reaches the Molten Kingdom of Dvendar Tharr, while to the east, west, and north it gives way to the less jagged  but still excruciatingly hot Searing Plains. Clefts in the slag and hard earthen crust run dozens of miles in all directions, creating a hard-to-navigate spiderweb of ravines that most travelers shun.

- From Mhar Quada's Fireblood, a travelogue

In our effort to further diversify the already cool location art roster, we picked a few regions to spice up with new artwork. One of these ended up being the volcanic northwest of the playable regions where we felt that the boundary region between the lava flows and the arid plains is somewhat lacking. The result is this breathtaking piece of location art by Péter Kovács, our amazing digital painter.


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