Location Artwork - Oasis
02 Oct | 10:00 am

A lot of the Riven Realms are endless wastelands and deserts. Yet even in the deadliest of deserts, some life remains; thrives even. Most of that life tends to be found around an oasis.

You'll come across quite a lot of oases in the game. These serve as trading outposts, waypoints on an exhausting journey, and safe places in a hostile environment - just like in real life. Water is usually someone's property in the Riven Realms, so rest and safety comes at a price. Very few oases and wells are not occupied by one faction or another.

The artwork here captures the atmosphere of the brutal desert heat and the cool oasis wonderfully. You can see tents and buildings down among the ponds and even ancient, ruined buildings nearby; little specks of vibrant colors in an endless sea of yellow sand.

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