Location Artwork - Deven
09 Mar | 10:00 am

Those of you who have played the game extensively surely know Deven, the great Imperial city that occupies vast caverns beneath the arid and hot Jagged Waste. It is a regular stop for many traders, wanderers, and vagri. Although the subterranean location is protected from the scorching sunlight of the surface, it is in turn enveloped in perpetual twilight only broken by the many braziers and luminous crystal clusters.

Deven has become an important exporter of mushroom crops, and its many bazaars have drawn all kinds of strange folks to its crowded halls, including Dark Elves, who have set up a colony here. The followers of Ahskul, God of Death, have constructed the largest Necropolis in the northern Empire here, elevating Deven to be one of the most important religious centers. Then there are the Wraiths, the native scavenger humanoids who adapted to their underground existence with alarming speed after the Calamity and have since spread all over the Empire.

The artwork for this major location in-game was created by the amazing Péter Kovács, whose difficult task was to incorporate as much of the above as possible while showing the scale of this magnificent city and retaining a peculiar atmosphere. This is increasingly more challenging due to the many subterranean cities that the game features - one has to make them all different and unique (more are on the way, too!). You'll be the ultimate judge of our success with the artwork, of course, but I can safely say that it is one of the most beloved in our team. Hope to see you in Deven, fellow vagabonds of the wastes!

The Lost Pilgrims Team


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