Location Artwork - Ash
06 Apr | 10:00 am

'If they catch you, they will kill you this time. Or worse, sell you to the slavers of Ash.'

- Ecra to fellow household slave Fabo, upon hearing his plan of escape

As many Imperial citizens would tell you, Ash is truly the ass-end of the Empire, even though there are more remote or less inhabited regions out there over terra supra. And yet most agree that this border town is worse off than most others, or at least that it is among the most unpleasant places you can visit. Its location is rather unfortunate: the Wayward Ash that surrounds it is a desert of lifeless grey silt, tormented by ashen storms all too often. On the other hand, Ash has become the greatest slave market town north of the Sepis Mountains, in part because its surroundings discourage escape, and also because of its remoteness as well as closeness to regions loosely controlled by the Empire; regions where the slavers that converge here can gather their unfortunate inventory. And even though there are many more large slave markets in the Empire, none of them is considered as cruel and soulless as this one.

House Darius, famous for its involvement in slave trading has a large base of operation in town, too, so those loyal to the nefarious commercial organization have to come here from time to time in order to interact with the agents of Darius.

The art of this location invokes the constant twilight of the ash-covered town. Its houses are the only shelter from the almost constant wind and floating ash, while the streets are little more than lines in the silt. Watch your step when you make it to Ash, vagrus!

The Lost Pilgrims Team


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