Creature Artwork - Stinger Scorpion
03 Mar | 10:00 am

Scorpions of all sizes, colors, and features plague the arid wastelands of the central continent of Xeryn, and most travelers are quite used to their presence and to the threat they may present. However, nobody is used to the presence of a Stinger Scorpion, this hulking yet frighteningly fast monster that hunts beasts and men during the cool night hours. Unfortunate souls may learn that while these solitary scorpions are inert during the day when they are buried under the sands, they are far from being safe around, as they can awaken with a sudden and fatal rage. There is a cunning viciousness about them that makes them far more than simply a large animal.

Armored in thick chitin as strong as steel and covered in thin, long, needle-point spikes, Stinger Scorpions are very difficult to damage without injuring yourself. Their pincers can break bones, while their stinger carries a lethal poison.

This creature was drawn by Tamás Zatykó, one of our creature artists, and we had great fun tossing about ideas on how to make it appear disgusting and frightening. We think the end result speaks for itself and hopefully the Stinger Scorpion will make your vagrus' life miserable every now and again.

The Lost Pilgrims Team


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