Character Poses - Murmillo Gladiator
18 Aug | 10:00 am

The murmillo is a heavily armored gladiator with a large scutum (shield) and a gladius (short sword). Modeled after the ancient Roman arena fighters of the same name, these enemies are among the strongest specialized encounters.

Sturdy and resilient with a high Block value, these guys can tough it out in the front lines for long unless you find a way to break their defenses. They are also great at defending their fellow fighters standing next to them due to their Defender combat trait (which provides armor to these allies). The Murmillo combat Skills are as follows:

Gladius Stab: A single-target, armor-piercing attack with steady damage output.

Scutum Bash: This shield bash is difficult to block and although it does not do much damage, it reduces the target's Evade and Block considerably for a few rounds. This is to set up targets for the Murmillo's allies.

Taunt: A single melee target has to attack the Murmillo on their next turn and receive a huge penalty to their Accuracy.

Crowd Pleaser: A weak melee attack that is followed by a Power boost for the Murmillo. This is used to be able to use Scutum Bash and Taunt again.

Armor piercing or Block-reducing attacks are key to bringing down Murmillo gladiators, as are crowd-control abilities when you wish to remove them and their defense buff from the equation. That said, they will still prove tough customers, even for more experienced companions.


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