Project Update - Faction Rewards
20 Aug | 10:00 am

With the relatively recent arrival of Factions to Vagrus, you guys finally got your hands on a new way to specialize your comitatus. Up until now, this meant some obscure (albeit very welcome - I'm looking at you, road tax) boons and perks but now, with the addition of claimable rewards, Factions are going to become your best friends.

The Name of the Game

Get more reputation by doing Tasks and stories, unlock higher tiers of Standing with a Faction, and receive your rewards. The higher the Standing, the better the rewards - it is that simple. Or is it? Of course, staying friendly with a Faction might be a challenge of its own, seeing how they tend to hate each other so passionately. This means that gaining reputation with a Faction will reduce reputation with their enemies. It was deliberately implemented this way so that you can not get all the goodies in a single run - both a balancing act and a tool for replayability.

The Rewards

Two kinds of rewards are bound to Faction Standing:

  • Prizes: These Gear or Equipment rewards are one-time only. Once you have the Standing, you can claim them at a settlement with the right Faction presence. There is some overlap between prizes but there are a lot of unique rewards among them to make them interesting. The higher tier ones are often very powerful and valuable.
  • Boons: These are always Enduring Effects and they will stay applied to your comitatus until you lose the required Standing with the given Faction, in which case you'll lose the boon. However, upon regaining your Standing, you can again claim these effects by simply going to a settlement with any kind of presence for the Faction in question.

All in all, we are very happy with how Factions - and the related rewards - have turned out. There is definitely a lot of tweaking to be done, perhaps overhauls of rewards as well, but we are getting a positive feedback from our player base and we're very excited to see how these awesome rewards will motivate you guys to delve into the Faction system.

The Lost Pilgrims Team


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