Character Poses - Assassin
30 Mar | 10:00 am

Assassins (and Handjari Assassin variants) in Vagrus are lethal enemies from a Tarkian background or training. Since their stealthy abilities do not translate well to the direct combat in-game, we opted to arm them with skills that emphasize their deadly techniques, use of poisons and battle drugs, as well as their flashy, acrobatic fighting style.

Assassins have relatively low Vitality and can be downed easily if not for their high Evade stat. They are resistant to Poison and Mental attacks due to their training but not much else. What they may lack in defense, they make up for in offensive abilities - their Accuracy and Critical Chances are very high, and they also possess skills to aid their fellow combatants in causing more harm:

Blade Dance:

Two consecutive strikes with a scimitar, aimed at a single target. Although not deadly individually, they have a high Critical Chance and can apply a Poison effect. With both connecting, there is a good chance for potent damage.

Deadly Dagger:

A very accurate, single-target ranged attack that does little damage but has a high Critical Chance, applies Poison, and sets the target up for consequent attacks, raising their Accuracy and chance to do Critical Damage.

Flash Bomb:

A bomb that is tossed at a line of enemies (two neighboring lines at higher levels), causing Stun for 1 round.

Battle Narcotics:

A buff that is applied to a friendly combatant, healing a minor amount of Vitality. It cleanses the target of all negative effects, and raises their damage output (also giving them bonus Actions on higher levels).

When used correctly, the Assassins' abilities allow them to be deadly combatants, able to provide burst damage or crowd-controlling, battle-changing support. Be vary of them! If you wish to see for yourself how lethal these agents can be, you can hire the Venari variants from House Venari in Larnak for a period of time. Not only do they function in combat exactly like their enemy counterparts but they also provide valuable Perks and Deputy roles to your comitatus.


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