Character Artwork - Shade
29 Sep | 10:00 am

'We may have lost the Krawags but by then the sun was high up in the desert sky and scorched the survivors relentlessly. My comrades fell one by one and we were so weak and thirsty that we just left them behind to die on the scalding sands. Only a handful of us reached those accursed ruins. One of the men recalled having seen the stone walls and broken arches on our march towards Dragmolac. We dragged ourselves atop another dune and there they were below us, like a jumble of rotten teeth sticking out of sick gums. But we still rejoiced upon seeing them because they had cover and shade; and that shade proved to be our undoing.

They came during the evening hours when the shadows were long and deep. We heard no sound nor saw movement but felt a sudden cold settle on the ruins. Someone thought that it was a blessing of the Gods, but hope evaporated the moment the first man was torn apart by what looked like a living shade of a man. It stepped out of the shadow of a wall section, like through a portal, then grabbed hold of Marius who died screaming. More shadow men appeared and those of us with some wits left fled into the desert as chaos ensued all around us. I survived. But I can still see those terrifying, cold ghasts in my dreams.'

- Legionnaire veteran Gaius Proculvo reminisces about the campaign of 1063 to his grandchildren

Shades are ghostly Undead that take the form of living shadows. They exude a black mist that is as cold as the grave. When creating these creatures, we went for a look that shows their half-solid, half-gaseous or liquid state. Because they are made of shadow, their features are not fully visible and their visage is only generally human. You will soon be able to encounter Shades in ruins and accursed places. Similar to Specters, they are impossible to harm without magical weapons or spells.


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