Character Artwork - Kal-rish
10 Aug | 10:00 am

'You have taken our herd-brother captive, two-legs. Now you either trade him back to us or face the wrath of my tribe. I would think twice before you answer. When irked, we are not unlike Kal-dai-Ruhk, Great Spirit of the Eternal Wastes, when he summons his calamitous gales to wipe away whole cities.'

- The Kal-rish traveling merchant Ku-ro-Rath bargaining for his kin's life with a soon-to-be destroyed outpost's magistrate

The visual design of the Kal-rish had several important guidelines: the creature looks like a goat-centaur, sure, but they also had to have a sense of nomadic life, including their signature pile of cargo carried on their backs. Fans of the old Planescape AD&D setting might find them familiar, and admittedly, the Kal-rish are in part an homage to the bariaur of that amazing universe, albeit with several differences, especially when it comes to culture and history. Following the destruction of the original Realm of the Kal-rish, the race migrated onto the Outer Realms and spread to several worlds since, including the continent of Xeryn. They are regarded as pest at some places, traders at others, but almost all agree that their herds are powers to be reckoned with.

The Lost Pilgrims Team


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