Character Artwork - Dragon Mages
05 May | 10:00 am

'We do not worship the Dragons like you do your false Imperial Gods. We do not sacrifice to them or beg for their fickle blessings. Our Dragonlords are our paragons; a testament to what every being can aspire to and the source of the Flame that lives in all of us. That same Flame can burn your ass to crisp if you dare slander their name again.'

- The Red Dragonmage Feodacthar to a soon-to-be dead fool at a roadside mansio

'When I told him that they have a dozen steel-clad soldiers, he just shrugged. When I told him that they also have a mage, his eyes went wide and he called the heist off.'

- Kavur, mercenary captain explaining to his men why their employer called off a robbery

Dragonmages are powerful individuals who wield the Flame - the magical manifestation of the Draconic soul. These arcane powers are said to be present in most mortals, though Dragonkin and the citizens of the Dragonlands seem to manifest these more frequently - or perhaps are discovered more often. Some of them are then trained to be Dragonmages, going through a long and difficult period of learning and taming the Flame, which is a dangerous process. Most of these mages end up serving the Dragonlands in some capacity - either as battle mages, researchers, guardians of Dragon Cult shrines, or teachers of other sorcerers. Their religious roles elevate them from being simple magic-users, though they are certainly no priests.

The Flame is a deadly tool in the right hands, although it can be lethal to the caster as well. It can be manifested as almost any magical spell, though formulas that produce effects similar to Draconic powers are the most common: flame strikes, fire missiles, Draconic roars, and so on.

The Dragonmage enemy in the game is a deadly opponent that can buff allies as easily as incinerate (or shock, or melt - depending on the kind of Dragonmage) targets. Standing behind a line of Dragonguard elevates these casters to the ranks of the most dangerous combat encounters in the game currently. These mages were drawn to be Dragonkin, crossbreeds between humans and Draconic creatures and they display the coloring of their respective Dragon broods.

The Lost Pilgrims Team


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