The Rulers of the Empire

Even before the Calamity, power in the Empire was distributed along hazy lines between too many grasping hands. The matter was not helped by a society brutally fractured by a cataclysm of unprecedented scale, the intrusion of malevolent Gods and eldritch creatures, and constant war since the Restoration Period. Yet most citizens of the Empire are able to pinpoint the prominent holders of power and the rulers of the realm.

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Old and New Gods - Part II.

The Triumvirate

‘Whether or not the Divine are our children or we are theirs, our relationship in this post-apocalyptic era with the Gods represent our needs and inner struggles. Thus, Bal Ur Kaal is our treachery, Sergorod is our anger, and Ahskul? Ahskul is death itself.’

- From the last lecture of the scholar Ludvinius Cadvo before his execution for blasphemy against the Triumvirate

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The End of the World - A Lead-in Short Story - Part 3


Vagrus Sekethma rubbed her eyes and tried to focus on the thin rows of letters written in a soldierly hand, strewn across the pages of the small, leather-bound book in front of her. Reading back your own words is so difficult sometimes. She sighed. No matter how many times I look, I won’t find anything more that would make this easier.Yet, she could not help herself. It was her way: every few days or so she poured over the pages of her diary to meditate on past choices and future challenges in the dim candlelight of her tent. This was in addition to the half hour or so she spent each day writing the actual entries. The last few weeks were especially demanding on the road, which called for even more reflection than usual. Why did I take the job? Her tired eyes wandered to the open flaps of the tent. Outside, night had already settled. Muffled noises could be heard from the beasts and guards of the comitatus, but generally, everything seemed quiet. She wondered if her people were up to the task ahead. Was it truly a great opportunity, or more an act of desperation? Is it possible to tell the difference?

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