Turn-based Fest and Indiedb Indie of the Year
05 Dec | 1:00 pm

As some of you may remember, roughly one and a half years ago we started the initiative known as #TurnBasedThursday. At the time, the goal was to bring together other game developers and allow them to show off their games on inclusive Twitter threads. At first, the threads were small, the engagement scarce, but these soon grew along with the developers involved with them. The developers integral to the efforts included the likes of Terra Randoma, Trese Brothers Games, Hugging Dragons (responsible for Wicked Lands), and, at the time Strateture.

After much hard work and collaboration, we worked hard alongside these other creative indie devs, growing #TurnBasedThursday to such an extent that we felt it warranted its own event and sale on Steam. Thus, through petitioning Valve, Turn-based Fest was born. Now, we are thrilled to announce that the festival we and others worked hard to create is finally here – starting on the 8th of December and continuing through until the 12th. Naturally, it will involve large discounts on a plethora of great titles, including Vagrus. You can find all the details on the Turn-based Fest website here.

More than 300 titles will participate, including RPGs, sims, grand strategy, deck builders, roguelikes, city builders, and much, much more.     

In other news, it is also that time of year again, “what time of year?” we hear you ask – time to nominate your favorite indie titles on Indiedb’s website, of course! So, if you’re feeling up to it, please put in a nomination for your favorite title, we’d really appreciate it.

With all that said and done, it’s come time for us to sign off again, so, on that note – stay vigilant, stay safe, and conquer the wasteland!

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