The Latest Quality of Life and Design Improvements
16 May | 10:00 am

As we close in on the release of our Old Acquaintances DLC, the portions of the team that are not busy drawing or writing have been hard at work on a plethora of miscellaneous QoL improvements, the fruits of which have now been made public.

Mercenary Tasks

We’ve always endeavored to make some sweeping changes to how Mercenary Tasks work, and happily, we’ve now had the time to implement them. These tasks have always had time limits, yet now, they function far more logically. This is to say that after you complete an elimination or defending task, you may return to the faction that gave it to you at any time after you do so, while in the past the time limit was still active, even after you had completed but haven’t turned it in.

Additionally, we have made significant changes to the corresponding UI for the Tasks, which will now be presented much like quests, displaying all appropriate information in an orderly fashion.

Companion Loyalty Details

You asked for it and we’ve implemented it: more detailed information regarding Companion Loyalty changes. We have achieved this by providing an additional option in the main menu, which will allow players to choose between “Basic” (the same change log messages that were shown in the past), “Indicative” (additional information that will let you understand the gravity of the Loyalty changes), and “Off”, which won’t show anything at all regarding Loyalty. The last might just be the best choice if you’re looking for a fully immersive experience!

Tests in Events

Tests in Events now indicate (via icons and tooltips) whose Perks are taken into account in the given Test: the whole comitatus’s, only those of the Companions previously selected to accompany the vagrus, or only the vagrus’s.

General Design Improvements

Here’s a selection of design changes that we’ve also included in the update:

  • Negative Resistance values now raise damage from the specific type as it was originally intended (for example, a -50% Cold Resistance raises a Cold type damage of 2 to 3). The way Resistances work against Effects remains unchanged (ie. they provide a chance to entirely negate Effects when the Resistance roll is successful).
  • Damage from Critical Strikes in Companion Combat is now always calculated from the upper half of the used Skill’s damage value (for example, if the damage of the Skill is 3-6, then Critical Strikes from it are always calculated as if a 5 or a 6 were rolled). This makes Critical Strikes deadlier for both foes and Companions.
  • Critical Strikes in Companion Combat are now always Armor-Piercing, which also raises their usefulness but also makes it possible to down very armored enemies even without the right abilities (albeit still being very, very difficult).

General QoL Improvements

Lastly, we have also worked on a number of smaller improvements to make life easier for players:

  • We have reworked tooltips and general UI elements to provide more detailed information in a more understandable way
  • We concluded another round of performance improvements all across the board (related to both CPU and GPU usage)

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is it – at least for now. We’re sure to have further improvements on the way, though for the time being we are primarily focused on our upcoming DLC. More news is coming on that front soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, you can check out the aforementioned patch notes below.

– The Lost Pilgrims Team

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