Project Update - Zeli Introduction
25 Aug | 10:00 am

Our post last week featured James, one of our recently hired writers. We hope you expect the unexpected because today’s post is about Zeli, a recently hired writer! Both of them have joined Lost Pilgrims at the same time, so their tasks have been essentially the same: working on the Glossary, reviewing existing material, delving into the rich lore of the Riven Realms, and of course spinning tales for the upcoming Seekers of Knowledge DLC – among other things.

As a kid, Zeli has been into strategy games, RPGs, Fighting Fantasy books, and board games. His upper education and subsequent work left this passion for games as a hobby for several years to come, up until he decided to finally part ways with the corporate world. After a number of bigger and smaller gigs in game design and playing various text-based games, I finally ended up as a Lost Pilgrim. Yes, I, for I am Zeli, writing this little intro. *grand reveal music*

Working here is every bit as delightful as I imagined since the job is what I’ve been wanting to do for ages and I have the pleasure to work with really cool people I’ve already learned a lot from. I’m super thrilled to provide you with content we put our heart into for a long time to come!

Take care and conquer the wasteland!

– Zeli, a Lost Pilgrim

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