Project Update - PlayIT (HU) GameShow
13 Jun | 10:00 am

We went to PlayIT game festival last Saturday and we are glad to report that we had a great time there! It being Hungary's largest gameshow, we knew what we had signed up for and though by the end of the day we had sore feet, we also had a lot of positive energy from the support and curiosity of the show audience.

Here are a few images with short headlines to give you an idea about the event:

RPG players may be few and far between but they do LOVE their games, including Vagrus. We had a number of visitors who sat down in front of our game and played it for over an hour! Yes, you read it right. Even in the middle of a busy gameshow they could get so engaged that they would not stop playing if not for their other halves/friends/families dragging them away eventually.

While some of them focused on playing the game, others had tons of questions about the setting, art style, design, and more.

We even got some of the cosplayers' attention. Imagine playing for an hour in a clown mask. That's dedication on the highest level and made us super-excited, too.

Getting close to the end of the event we even allowed ourselves a bit of fun, like Szonja playing Saber Beat on a VR machine here. She got the moves all right and got great scores.


This weekend (June 15-17, 2019) we are headed to Dreamhack Summer in Sweden (Jönköping). In case you are attending as well, do not forget to come and say hello to us. :)



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