Project update 1 - Dec 2017
15 Dec | 10:49 pm

So you have received some details about the game, the setting and could read the first part of our lead-in short story as well. Now let's talk about the project a bit.

Early steps

First order of business: we have finally incorporated. Yay! I bet in some countries it is a fairly easy process, a dozen clicks and within a few hours you have your firm up and running. Not here. The period from the decision to start the process until you can confidently declare victory over all the paperwork connected to incorporation could take up to a month. But boy, how good it feels when you are done!

With that we could finally order our new computers, printer, etc. Hoping those will all arrive still before the holidays, will sure be a heck of a Christmas gift for us. :)

We develop our game in Unity 3D, one of the most popular and advanced game engines. Don't let the name confuse you, even though Unity has vast 3D functionality, it has been used for a lot of hit 2D games as well, just like our title: Vagrus.

...but maybe I should have started even earlier on in the story.

Choosing this path

Leaving behind the convenient routine and financial safety of our corporate careers was indeed that many call 'stepping out of our comfort zone'. Thinking about it, for the most of us that 'comfort' represents nothing else than trudging through the day at work so we could rest a bit then start over the following day. Yet, it is so extremely hard to let go.

We have always dreamed of working our creative hobbies but never acted on it. Even when courting the game industry by working on home projects or seconds jobs there, we never actually thought it feasible to start our own studio. Then we got some triggers at work, topped with some sort of midlife 'now or never' revelation, so we looked at our balances, then shrugged and leapt.

Okay, that was a little theatrical there. It took a bit of convincing and showcasing tons of indie game postmortem crowdfunding campaigns and releases, but right after that we did shrug and leap.

We had no programmer at the time, nor graphic designer, not to mention enough money to make it even to a prototype. History will tell if we made the right choice ignoring those risks and jumping in head on regardless. 

The results so far are promising. We have got on our core team a brilliant and enthusiastic coder, great artists and have some leads around financing as well.

In our next project update we'll share some details about how we organize our day-by-day work and the tools we use. Stay tuned!

Gabor, Lost Pilgrims Team


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