Our journey has begun!
30 Nov | 10:41 pm

Wow! We have not even released our first post and got some Patrons already. Thank you for jumping aboard so quickly! 

It means a lot to us to know that there are others out there sharing our vision and trusting us delivering upon it. 

So why have we started all this? Quitting our day jobs and jumping head on into indie game development?

Well, we could say it was destined, all roads leading to this point. Maybe. Or maybe it was just blind luck dealing us a good hand and we were -  finally - bold enough to say: 'All in!'

So the main reasons were:

  • Created the world already - We have been playing on this dark fantasy world of ours for over two decades. As time has passed we felt more and more that it has become so vast and intriguing that it was definitely something others would be interested in as well, so why not share it in a meaningful way. The only question remained: what is the best way to share it? So we have finally come to the conclusion that a game would be the best way.
  • Life is too short - Our previous jobs were ranging from 'Ok, but not satisfying' to plain 'crappy' - depending who you ask from Lost Pilgrims team. Working on a project so close to our hearts in a team with friends? A dream come true!
  • There is demand for quality games - With the 'flood' of games coming out on Steam and other channels, the production values of a lot of games have been coming up short. Everyone is looking to maximize their profits, or has trouble financing a full fledged project. As opposed to that, our first and foremost goal is to deliver a high quality game that we ourselves would also like to play.
  • Good mix of expertise - Our team had great exposure to different fields in the past, both in our professional and personal lives. Programing, narrative writing, game design, project and team management experiences were already present so we 'just' needed to go out to find our partners for graphic design and music. Fortunately, through connections, it went much easier than anticipated.

That's it for a first post I think. In the next one, we will show off something from our fantasy world. Stay tuned!


Gabor, Lost Pilgrims team

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