Creature Artwork - Scortaur
24 Sep | 10:00 am

Once beautiful Madrigos, a city famous for its wealth and hospitality, is now a forsaken ruin called Scorponar, dwelling of the Scortaur, a race of savage scorpion-men who hunt all other races mercilessly and uncompromisingly on and around the Plains of Bone. Only a handful of fortunate wanderers can tell the tale of seeing the city's shattered buildings and old walls at the heart of the wasteland. Those who did see it talk about bone scaffolding and fortifications, flayed bodies hanging from battlements, and banners fashioned from human skin. Scorponar is a place of horror and despair, with the old white stone of Madrigos peeking out from under the colorless sands like broken teeth or shattered bones.

- From the entry on Scortaur in Bestarium Imperialis

The creatures commonly called Scortaur appeared out of the ruins of Madrigos in the Plains of Bone several centuries after the Calamity and nobody has been able to get rid of them ever since, even though there was no shortage of trying. The savage beasts breed like vermin and thanks to their great mobility, they can easily disappear into the wasteland only to reappear and continue raiding elsewhere.

Scortaur are mutants, having been twisted by the Calamity into their present form. Part human, part giant scorpion, these savages are very sturdy and can run as fast as horses without tiring. Large pincers can grab victims and cut them in half. Dreadful stingers carry a lethal poison that can kill creatures three times the size of Scortaur in mere seconds; they tend to use this same poison on the tips of their bone javelins as well. Kitted out with obsidian and ivory weapons, the human part of these beings display their truly barbaric nature: covered in the gruesome trophies of their victims as well as indulging in ritual self-mutilation, the ghoulish visage of the Scortaur is often enough to strike fear in the hearts of the bravest men.

In gameplay terms, Scortaur are fearsome opponents equipped with a deadly stinger attack that can poison your fighters, pincers that push foes to the back row, poison-tipped javelins they can throw at ranged targets, and savage attacks from the human part that they can use continuously. Coupled with their vitality and chitin armor, these creatures are deadly fighters best taken on with utmost caution.


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