Creature Artwork - Ifreanni
15 Jun | 10:00 am

'While looking into the etymology of these remarkable, albeit quite belligerent, creatures, I was surprised to learn that not only does the Draconic tongue attribute a negative connotation to the base 'Ifrean' but also does so for some ancient, undisclosed reason that most contemporary speakers of the language do not know about. What or who this 'Ifrean' was to cast such a long shadow is something we will probably never know unless the Dragonlords themselves reveal the knowledge to me. However, it seems that the bad reputation of these reptiles is acknowledged even in the naming of their kind.'

- Excerpt from the notes of Beastmaster Soronis on his research of Draconic beasts

Looking at the final artwork of the Ifreanni, one can probably see the basis of the creature's design: certain kinds of large, extinct reptiles from our own world's past. Yes, dinosaurs. However, since Ifreanni are the distant offshoot of Dragons, we gave them some Draconic features, like the horns or the scale-patterns, along with the longer arms. The artist, Tamás Zatykó, has a particular knack for depicting reptiles (come to think of it, for basically anything fantasy or sci-fi, really) and so he worked on not only the Ifreanni but the Krawag as well. There is a remarkable similarity between these creatures, which is just as well, since they are both Draconic mutations.


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