Character Poses - Wraith
02 Feb | 10:00 am

Wraiths are a race of subterranean humanoids who have adapted to the utter darkness and cramped spaces of caverns. Hairless, pale, and small of stature, they do not seem much of a threat but underestimating them often proves lethal. In-game, you can come across their enemy version in cities as well as members of an outlaw group. Sometimes you can even encounter enemy groups made up solely of Wraiths.

As enemies, these creatures are fast - with high Initiative scores - and very hard to hit thanks to their amazing Evade stat. Poisons do little to nothing against them thanks to their uncanny metabolism. Wraiths can attack from range and melee as well, making them versatile, while their high-Critical Damage Skills give them a dangerous potential. These Skills are as follows:

Receding Swing: A relatively low damage melee attack that can apply bleed and moves the Wraith to the back line - a more advantageous position for the Lethal Lunge Skill.

Lethal Lunge: A high-Critical, high-damage attack initiated from the back line. It also applies bleed damage over time and moves the Wraith to the front line.

Bone Dagger Throw: A ranged attack with a high critical chance. The Wraith usually picks this skill when blocked from melee attacks.

Thus, the best way to prevent the Wraiths' combat potential is to somehow prevent them to make use of the back-and-forth of Receding Swing and Lethal Lunge. Their other weakness, a low Vitality stat, might be harder to exploit because of their amazing Evade but there are ways around that, too, with the right companions.


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