Character Poses - Veles Gladiator
08 Jun | 10:00 am

Veles gladiators are mobile, evasive fighters who are best at supporting the sturdy Murmillos in the arena, although they can dish out punishment surprisingly suddenly if the tide turns in their favor. Although they are not the most stalwart front line fighters, their high Block and Evade stats make them actually hard to defeat. That, coupled with their good Armor and their amazing Initiative, gives them enough opportunities to control the flow of battle. Their Skills are not amazing, but dependable, with the kick being able to upset enemy lines and create opportunities for lethal attacks:

Pilum Stab: A single-target, Armor piercing melee attack that has dependable damage.

Pilum Toss: A single-target ranged attack. The tossed spear does Armor piercing damage and has good Critical Strike potential but it can only be performed a couple of times in a single combat encounter.

Jumping Kick: A difficult-to-Block single-target melee attack that Pushes the target to the back line.

Although Veles gladiators are not the most effective combatants, they can surely survive long enough to assist other fighters achieve victory. They are versatile, so they are very rarely out of position to attack but able to upset your positioning and do it so before you have time to prevent it.


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