Character Poses - Tarkian Mercenary
31 Aug | 10:00 am

Tarkian Mercenaries are versatile fighters effective both in melee and from range, so they can be commonly seen in mercenary or outlaw rosters in different setups. They are quite tough with high Block values and good Initiative but light armor. All of this relegates them to a support role, which their Skills reinforce:

Scimitar Cut: A basic melee attack against a single target. Accurate and difficult to Evade but deals subpar damage.

Bloodletting Slash: A single-target melee attack that deals more damage and applies a Bleed effect.

Curved Bow Shot: A single-target armor-piercing ranged attack. High critical strike chance.

Tarkian Archery: This self-buff raises Accuracy and Critical Chance, ideal to set up a brutal bow shot.

Even though Tarkian Mercenaries aren't the most intimidating or apparently dangerous enemies, one would be foolish to disregard their potential to cause harm from almost any position.

-The Lost Pilgrims Team


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