Character Poses - Specter
13 Oct | 10:00 am

Specters are malevolent ghosts of the dead that often haunt the forsaken, magically-warped places of the Riven Realms. They are dreaded by most denizens of Xeryn because their ethereal forms are impervious to most damage types and though magic is more abundant than in other settings, it is still beyond the reach of most.

Once this protection is overcome by an industrious vagrus, they present less of a threat but they can still tear a party of companions apart, so it is better not to underestimate them. The 50% Evade and 8 Initiative make them both difficult to hit and quick to act. In combat, they try to touch their opponent to rob them of their life's essence. Thus, their single Skill is:

Spectral Touch: A single target melee attack of pure cold damage. It is difficult to Block and might Stun the target.

Initially somewhat of a gimmick to overcome, Specters soon become a niche enemy that still present a terrible threat once their ethereal nature is overcome. Although relatively weak, their amazing defenses and resistances make them elusive opponents that can chain-stun your companions if not taken down with care.


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