Character Poses - Sharduk Reaver
04 May | 10:00 am

The Sharduk are a savage, cruel, and opportunistic people who are notorious for raiding all the more civilized lands bordering their vast, barren territory, the Great Eastern Desert. When designing these tribal marauders, we went for a versatile damage-dealer enemy type that - when left unchecked - can work itself up to a huge threat.

Reavers are sturdy but have poor defensive stats and average Initiative, making them easier to control using the right skills, especially because they can only act from the melee row. Thanks to Frenzy and Siphon, they can also get more and more accurate over time while  recharging their buff Skill. Their combat repertoire is as follows:

Reaver's Pummel: This single-target attack is difficult to Block and applies an Initiative debuff.

Reaver's Impale: This single-target attack has high Critical Chance and pierces Armor.

Savage Rage: This self-cast buff grants the Reaver bonus Critical Chance, Resistances, and bonus Actions.

The Reaver's gimmick is that once buffed by Savage Rage, it becomes a serious threat, able to attack twice in the same round and dealing quite a lot of damage to your companions. When it is buffed, you should prevent it to go into melee or try to shut it down before it actually can use its Rage. This is easier said than done, of course, since Sharduk Reavers rarely attack alone.


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