Character Poses - Necromancer
03 Aug | 10:00 am

Necromancy is the arcane art of manipulating life-force, allowing practitioners to communicate with the dead and animate Undead minions. In most of the Riven Realms, this school of magic is associated with the Priests of Ahskul - worshipers of the God of Death - and Necromancers. The majority of the latter either belong to the Church, too, or are otherwise licensed by the Empire. Thus in Vagrus, Necromancer enemies almost always strengthen Imperial rosters, although you can come across some rogue practitioners, too.

Necromancers are fairly squishy by themselves and do not cause a lot of damage either. Their power comes from their multitude of minions who they can buff up to become scarier in combat and even heal them using the following Skills:

Precision Cuts: A single-target melee Skill that does low damage but applies Bleeding. On top of that, this attack heals the Necromancer the same amount as the damage was due to the Perk they have called Life Leeching. Still, this attack is used mostly as a measure of last resort.

Raise Dead: The Necromancer raises the dead, and an Undead warrior joins his side of the battle. This costs a lot of Power, so it can usually be only done once per battle.

Embalming Fluid: This Skill heals a single Undead target.

Great King's Power: A single Undead target receives an INI and damage buff for 2 rounds, making them much more dangerous.

As apparent from the list of Skills, Necromancers like to surround themselves with Undead minions, then buff and heal them until they grind the enemy into dust. If left unchecked, they are terribly dangerous, especially since they regenerate POW each round, enabling more of the buffs or even another Raise Dead in the long run.

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