Character Poses - Kindly Sister
13 Jul | 10:00 am

'Kindly Sister' is a euphemism that has become a colloquialism throughout the long and bloody centuries of the Fourth Age, denoting the common members of Nosferatis Sisterhood, a coven of furtive dark sorceresses and witches. The religious organization has secretive goals revolving around magical research but beyond that the Sisters support Imperial agenda all over the Realms.

Players will come across Kindly Sisters as enemies belonging to the Imperial roster. With low defensive stats and Resistances (except for Magic and Mind), average Vitality, and no Armor, Sisters are fairly squishy in combat but they were never meant to be frontline fighters or effective alone. Instead, they rely on their blood magic abilities to heal and support their allies while debuffing their enemies. Left unchecked, they will be a real threat in combination with the other enemies on board. Their Skills are:

Haemorrhage: A basic, low-damage, single-target melee attack that has a high Critical Chance and causes Bleeding.

Life Tap: This single-target ranged magical attack causes moderate damage but is followed up by a second phase whereby the Sister can heal an ally (even herself) by a similar amount of Vitality.

Seduction: The Sister seduces a single enemy, making it move once (to a disadvantageous position). The Skill also applies Initiative and Accuracy debuffs on the enemy for a single turn.

Blood Curse: Targets of this powerful ranged magical attack become Immobilized, start to Bleed, get a Block penalty and are easier to hit.

Although some of these more powerful Skills cost quite a lot of Power, Kindly Sisters can keep casting from their Vitality once their POW is depleted. This is risky, since they can damage themselves quite a lot, perhaps giving a window of opportunity to resourceful players that they can use to quickly get rid of the Sister.

- The Lost Pilgrims Team


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