Character Poses - Dragonguard
13 Aug | 10:00 am

Dragonguard are the elite soldiers of the Dragonlands, tentative allies of the Empire. Their training is extremely tough, and only already accomplished soldiers are selected to take part in it. Equipped with powerful Dragonsteel equipment that harnesses the magic of Dragonkind, these elite troopers are among the most dangerous opponents you can come across in the Riven Realms. Be sure not to make enemies of them needlessly.
The different versions of Dragonguard not only sport different coloring but also in the elemental effects of their combat skills. The red Dragonguard, for example, applies fire damage on its strikes with the buff ability, the blue one applies lightning, while the green applies Poison.
Disciplined Swing: A basic attack that is very accurate due to the rigorous training of the Dragonguard but has low critical chance. It is still deadly enough combined with the amazing toughness of these soldiers.
Invoke the Flame: Each and every member of the Dragonguard is able to wield the Flame, that is, the power of the Dragonlord they swore fealty to. The Flame is channeled through their Dragonsteel equipment and enhances that gear for a short time, granting them Resistance bonuses as well as elemental damage on their normal attacks.
Draconic Roar: The Dragonguard make use of another draconic power - the mighty roar of their Dragon counterparts. Even used by a mere mortal, this ability is quite devastating, potentially Stunning the target and applying a Fear debuff on them for a short period.
Even a lone Dragonguard can be quite a challenge to a Companion thanks to their amazing defenses, stamina, and selection of skills but a platoon will be very tough nut to crack even for an experienced band of adventurers.


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