Character Poses - Dark Elves
12 Jan | 10:00 am

This week's enemy breakdown post takes a look at he Dark Elf Marauder/Mercenary, one of the newer enemies added to the game. Let's dive in!

As we have previously discussed, these Dark Elven warriors either fight in lockstep formations in their Prince's armies, maraud on the surface at their lord's behest, or serve as mercenaries in the Riven Realms (mercenary variant).

In general, Dark Elves are fairly sturdy with their well-rounded defenses: high Vitality, good Evade and Block, as well as some Armor. This makes them ideal front-line fighters, where they can also deal damage as well as soak it up. They are also fast and have a way to recharge their abilities with Siphon. Their skills are equally versatile:

Treacherous Blade: An accurate single-target melee attack that is good against Block (as the curved blade can strike behind shields). 

Cruel Hamstring: A deadly single-target melee strike with high Critical Strike value. Block is ineffective against it. When struck, the target can become immobilized, perhaps locked in a disadvantageous position.

Sharpened Shield: The Dark Elf strikes with the sharp edge of the shield at a single melee target. The attack is Armor Piercing and has a very high critical value. It also applies a Bleed effect for 3 rounds, but costs Power to initiate.

Dark Elf fighters are thus stalwart, sturdy, and versatile, able to bind and focus down enemies with calculated, accurate strikes and get behind the defenses of your companions. But they shine especially combined with other kinds of warriors where their abilities set up targets for high damage and protect squishier enemies behind their line of defense.


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