Character Artwork - Wraith
17 Nov | 10:00 am

'Disgusting little runts. Eaters of the dead. Pale vermin. I hereby vow to do all in my power to push them out of your neighborhoods and businesses, to bar them from decent citizens of the Empire, and in the end perhaps even rid this city of their filth altogether.'

- Tribune Septimus Votano of Deven in a speech about Wraiths during his campaign for office

'Don't bother going to the collegia or the Trade House agents, Lysander. Go to the Wraiths. They will know about the shipments. Why? Most of us don't want to notice them and this gives them a sort of invisibility that makes them unmatched spies. You pass their kind on the streets without realizing it. They were there at the markets, too. I would put serious money on them knowing about the shipments' current location and about who took them. Oh and don't take coins. Promise them what they want: dead flesh.'

- Kivodus, Tribune Votano's assistant instructing his aide during an investigation of stolen spice shipments

Wraiths are a species of pale, hairless, agile humanoids of small stature and incredible flexibility that hail from the city of Deven. When the Calamity destroyed everything above ground around the original settlement, survivors fled to the caverns nearby. The magical fallout of the catastrophe - together with the circumstances they were forced to live in following it - forever changed them into what we today call Wraiths. Having to live in cramped, dark caverns and eat whatever they found has made them smaller, flexible, fleet-footed, and gave them perfect vision even in total darkness, as well as great senses of hearing and smell. They can digest just about anything and toxins have little effect on them. Unfortunately, they tend to prefer slightly rotten meat and are known to raid tombs for freshly buried corpses.

Wraiths bred at an alarming rate and soon left their place of origin to spread around the Empire's dark cities like some vicious plague. Indeed, many consider them to be one, although they are often more useful than people would think. Not only are they a great source of information but also tend to get rid of a city's dangerous biological waste by consuming it, thereby preventing real plagues. Of course, they also tend to steal what they can, as most of their kin has no chance of making honest livings in a society that shuns them so.

You will mostly see Wraith enemies in Vagrus in cities or underground. They are very good at evading attacks and chipping away at foes. For the character artwork we came up with the idea of depicting the Wraith in a hunched position, one that suggests a predatory preparedness. This mirrors their agility and sneaky nature best that also translates well into their combat abilities.


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