Character Artwork - Specter
08 Sep | 10:00 am

Specters are a relatively common phenomenon in Vagrus's dark, cruel setting but that does not take away from how dreaded they are. Angry, insane souls stuck between life and the afterlife, these sad creatures roam the forsaken places of the world - often locations where they were slain, haunting the abandoned reaches of the Empire. The initial challenge in encounters with Specters is finding ways to harm them: by nature, these entities are between worlds and thus can not be damaged by normal means. Once you find the means, they are less of a danger but must still be taken seriously.

The art design for the Specter enemies involved the re-imagining of existing assets from the beginning - how else would these things appear, being the ghostly remains of long-dead people? The other important factor was to make them appear ethereal, trapped between worlds. Szonja then came up with this really cool method of redrawing and animating Undead creatures into floaty, half-transparent Specters. There are already several looks for these enemies but that is not the end because we have started to experiment with story-lines dealing with spectral entities and so more version are bound to come.


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