Character Artwork - Kindly Sister
16 Feb | 10:00 am

Should the darkness cruelly whisper,

Call upon a kindly sister

Sister, sister, blood drops glister

Revoke now your cruel dark whisper

- From an Imperial children's rhyme

Kindly Sisters are members of the Nosferatis Sisterhood, a coven of mystics and sorceresses who delve into the deepest, darkest arcane secrets one can think of. The organization is one of the Pillars of the Empire, a religious order that serves the realms in an important capacity, although in the case of the Nosferatis, most Imperials have no idea what this service entails - except that it is most ominous. The wise seem to believe that it involves espionage, magical warfare, and arcane research. Members of the coven worship Bal-Ur-Kaal the Demon Prince and Ahskul, King of the Underworld, which is quite telling in and of itself.

True to their notoriety, Sisters of the order are secretive, sorcerous witches skilled in all kinds of magical practices, but mostly known for their blood magic and cruel enchantments. Although not connected to Sergorod, they also command terrible curses. When it came to artwork, we knew we had to present the Sisters as alluring, dark characters, since that is one of their weapons of choice: weaponized sexuality. We did not want to go the gratuitous route, though, and I think we managed to strike a good balance. Blood also plays an important role in their magical skills, and the stains combined with the ritualistic signs painted on their skin emphasize the witch aspect. All in all, we were very satisfied with the character art for these enemies and see them as amazing additions to the Imperial roster.


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