A New Demo Build is OUT - Patch 1.1.15 - Codename: Perficientur et Qualis Vitae
10 Jun | 11:00 am

Hey everyone,

We keep working on improving features and fixing issues for the game and from time to time we push it into the Demo build as well – this is such a time! The most significant additions are Character UI-related improvements, as well as new content, albeit the restricted nature of the Demo makes accessing some of these a bit tricky. Still, we included them for the sake of thoroughness. We have also improved visuals and fixed about a dozen bugs.

Now let's jump into the patch details:

Important Note: Considering the extent of the improvements, there is little to no chance that we broke nothing in the process. Assume that we did not want to make anyone's life harder. If you see something amiss, please flag it to us using the usual channels, like the inbuilt reporting tool (F1 button), forums, and our Discord server.


Patch 1.1.15 - Codename: Perficientur et Qualis Vitae

New/Updated Features

  • Major Companion Combat performance improvement
  • Game log now shows more updates, most entries are clickable to access relevant information
  • You can add custom notes to your Journal
  • You can add a maximum of five custom notes to each point of interest on the Chart
  • Vagrus creation random name generator has been added (with lore-friendly names)
  • Key bindings have been added to the options menu
  • You can now change Deputies during the day at the cost of some Resourcefulness
  • Shift + left click now works on Crew in the mansio (for hiring or kicking them out in bulk)
  • Added option to toggle Ambience and Narration on/off

Character UI is now

  • Openable before Companion combat (except in ambushes) so you can change Gear or level up to be more able to face adversity
  • Available for enemy characters so you can check their stats and Skills before or during the battle
  • Accessible during Companion selection in Events, allowing you more freedom to change Gear or level up Prowess, too (or simply check what's what)

New/Tweaked Content

  • Carpenters' and Loaders' Guild bases of operation, their Faction Leaders, and a faction quest for each was added
  • Several new random Events were added
  • Explorer starter item changed to be more in line with other Callings
  • Killing tax collectors will have more severe consequences: bounty hunter attacks start at a slightly lower Imperial Criminality rate (as a warning), while at higher criminality legionaries will try to apprehend you
  • Dissonance mode difficulty was further lowered in several ways

User Interface Improvements

  • Loyalty tooltip has been updated to indicate the order of Loyalty levels and the game log, and Event results now show what companions like and dislike (but deliberately do not expand on how much)
  • Authority and Resourcefulness tooltips have been updated to be more precise and informative
  • Companion background texts and Faction descriptions were streamlined
  • Reworked Companion selection UI in Events
  • New, unique Deputy art assets on the Deputy screen for each role
  • Vagrus creation text lengths altered to fit boxes
  • Cargo throw-out visuals polished
  • Companions screen visuals polished
  • Crew Details box visuals polished
  • Deputy tab visuals polished
  • Journal visuals polished
  • Campaign map radial menu buttons now react to hover and click
  • Camp shadow added to camping for more immersion
  • Passenger details UI changed in the mansio, we streamlined the representation of information
  • Added Equipment and Gear drag&drop highlights
  • The Character UI has new parchment frames
  • Some character portraits have been adjusted to better fit their frames
  • Scrollbar on the UI streamlined
  • Enchanted/Impervious color changed from purple to turquoise
  • Now you can toggle Crew Combat and Companion Combat animations on/off separately
  • New Initiative order animations have been added
  • Completely reworked Vitality and Power bars in Companion Combat
  • Added a new option to remove the Companion Combat position frames (for those that want a less busy UI)
  • General button improvements
  • Various fixes for ultrawide screens

Bug Fixes

  • Enemy portraits in an opened Character sheet during combat now face the intended direction
  • Taunt Skills now work as intended
  • AOE attack Skills now hit all intended targets
  • Various Acrobatics-related positioning bugs have been fixed
  • Tons of tooltips have been added and existing ones corrected
  • Various Proficiency-spending-related bugs have been fixed
  • Locked foraging will not trigger working odd jobs in settlements from now on
  • Workforce-related calculations fixed
  • Maximum Cargo will no longer exceed 600 on the UI
  • Crew change is now visible on the Camp UI on the first day
  • Various exploits have been closed off

Stay tuned and conquer the wasteland!

- The Lost Pilgrims Team


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