A New Build is OUT - Patch 1.012. - Codename: Settled
26 Oct | 3:00 pm

Hey everyone,

Another week, another patch! We keep tweaking things and adding smaller stuff for now while fixing bugs. Some are tougher than others, of course, so bear with us. Most of the fixes and tweaks were made possible due to a passionate and active player base - we can't thank you enough!

Important Note: Considering the extent of these improvements there is little to no chance that we broke nothing in the process. Assume that we did not want to make anyone's life harder. If you see something amiss, please flag it to us using the usual channels, like the inbuild reporting tool (F1 button), forums, and our Discord server. Now let's jump into the details:


Patch 1.012. - Codename:

Settled Improvements and Tweaks

  • Gor’Goro receives a tiny Loyalty boost if you visit Drius every 40 days or so
  • You can now buy booze for the crew in Larnak’s Bumbling Boatman
  • 3 new equipment added (Perimeter Alarms and Traveling Saddles can be bought in some markets, while Mount Blankets can be acquired via other means)
  • Removed the Evade malus from Gor’Goro’s Armor so that certain builds are not unfairly gimped retroactively (Dragonsteel IS very light and flexible!)
  • Several characters received the ability to invest Proficiency points into the Religion Perk (to variable degrees)
  • Skornar’s Guard Stance was tweaked so that he retaliates once in a round (maximum) on Level 1, twice on Level 2, and three times on Level 3
  • Lowered Skornar’s insanely high Cold Resistances across the board (he is still very good at resisting cold)
  • Specters received a new combat Skill called ‘Chill of the Grave’, which can lower the target’s Cold Resistance for 3 rounds
  • Mining stealthily at the Hills of Plenty was tweaked so that your actual mining skills and workforce decides your yield, not your skill in sneaking (yields from this can never reach the potential of legitimate mining, but you can still mostly avoid being caught with the right amount of stealthy Perks)
  • Skornar can now enter the Tomb of Kathovras with more of his buddies
  • Added a long, long codex entry to all characters called 'the Imperial Calendar' (you asked for it!)
  • Tectum Carvos’s Tarkian population is now willing to sell you some specialized equipment (some only after helping the town with the siege)
  • Reworked the faction quest rewards and for Houses Venari, Darius, and Oquo to make them more in line with each other (including Oquo’s presence rising in case of your success in Larnak)


User Interface Improvements 

  • We unlocked the Companion and Deputy buttons on Leader UI again
  • Inactive effects on Statuses now indicate why they are inactive similarly to Equipment inactive effects


Bug Fixes

  • Players whose Outpost questline was locked from progressing (because they progressed far before 1.01) can now fix their questline via an Event step at the Officium Factum in any of the major cities
  • Consumption and Workforce calculated erroneously while fully mounted are now fixed
  • The 'Cull Their Ranks' action in Crew Combat now always allows for the maximum number of Companions to be deployed
  • Prowess nodes on the level-up UI now indicate the gated levels correctly
  • Frenzy Perk granted by the Smoldering Heart is now working properly
  • Some Outpost-related background calculations were fixed
  • Now you can actually profits from your outpost's piggy bank
  • Garrik and Skornar personal questline Achievements are fixed (should be retroactively restored with the right journal entries completed)
  • Corrected the faulty turn-in step of the Golden Theory once you finish Kandake’s requests
  • Fixed an instance where the Event choice took you to the wrong step in Avernum’s Carpenters’ Guild
  • Skornar’s Prowess unlocks occurring at the wrong points in his questlines are now fixed
  • Skornar's Axe Swing not triggering from Guard Stance fixed (again, hopefully permanently this time)
  • Fixed another instance of softlocking paths in the Wayward Souls quest’s Artakin Tomb
  • The test dummy bandit was again removed, this time from the final battle of the Wyrm War questline (replaced with the correct battle)
  • Living Shadows as Mercenary Task opponents are now properly indicated as Impervious
  • Corrected Kral Hestaera’s NPC portraits across her appearances in Tectum Carvos
  • You can no longer deploy other characters alongside Gor’Goro in his one-on-one duel in his questline (and the fight now has the Arena Maximus background)
  • The Dread Reavers guide quest marker repositioned again (hopefully to its final place - note that it is not retroactive, so if you were on the quest step before the update, you see the old marker)
  • You can ask the Stinger Lord and the Quiet Man about Wyrm-related things when on the right quest step (but don’t expect much from them)
  • The Perk ‘Flyer’ was removed and the single instance it was in a Test was replaced with Finndurarth (she is the only character with limited flight abilities)
  • Fixed some quest items not being removed (not retroactive)


Known Issues:

  • A rare soft-lock when various UI actions follow each other mixing Event, camping, crew, and companion combats in a particular fashion we've not been able to reproduce
  • AI taking too long in Companion Combat is still being looked at by the team


Coming Up Next

Bug fixing continues. Meanwhile, the team needs to regroup and assess things post-release, so this time we'll just say that our plans will be revealed soon.

Stay tuned and conquer the wasteland!

- The Lost Pilgrims Team


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