A New Build is OUT - Patch 1.01 - Codename: Outpost
17 Oct | 2:00 pm

Hey everyone,

We've been trying to catch up since the launch last Tuesday and get on top of some of the bugs that many of you reported while also rounding out the missing Outpost and Wealth victory path ending parts. Although some bugs are still being hunted, the latter two are now being added to Vagrus.

This means that you can now build your own outpost out in the wasteland (one specific spot for now, room for expansion later), and upgrade it bit by bit so that in the end it yields you profit from time to time if managed properly. It is important to know that no new UI or feature comes with the outpost, since Vagrus is not a game that involves building stuff - the outpost is instead presented in Event format like it was envisioned from the beginning (and similar to other victory paths). Once completed, the outpost can be used for vagri with the Wealth ambition to win the game (but can be completed with all vagri). It's super expensive to do that, mind you, giving you a nice endgame goal and challenge.

Along with this comes a list of bug fixes and adjustments. Thank you for highlighting these! Your help in identifying and squashing issues is priceless.

As for the future, we can see that many of you have been very vocal about which direction the game should go and we truly appreciate all the constructive input and the potential you see in Vagrus. That said, the last few months especially were unbelievably exhausting for our tiny team, and we are not ready to decide on where exactly to go just yet (we have plenty of exciting ideas and plans, of course). We'll take a little break to recharge and start working out our plans for post-release Vagrus with fresh minds. Again, thank you for all the support we received from you all! Bug fixing will continue in the meantime, of course.


Important Note: Considering the extent of these improvements and additions, there is little to no chance that we broke nothing in the process. Assume that we did not want to make anyone's life harder. If you see something amiss, please flag it to us using the usual channels, like the inbuild reporting tool (F1 button), forums, and our Discord server.


Now let's jump into the details:


Patch 1.01 - Codename: Outpost


New Content

  • Your outpost can be completed and upgraded via related Events
  • Wealth victory is now achievable via the outpost questline (although vagri with other Ambitions can also buy and upgrade the outpost to its full potential)
  • The Venari Agent and Senior Agent hirelings have been added
  • Added more character portrait options to Dark Elven and Demonkin vagri


User Interface Improvements

  • You can now use Shift+click to mount/dismount by 10 units
  • The Deputy UI drag-and-drop area has been enlarged (it's easier to drop Deputies into circles)
  • In settlements without slavery, the tooltip will now correctly indicate the reason for not being able to deal in slaves
  • Crew condition tooltip effects now roll-up from Perk levels into individual lines


Updated Mechanics

  • Companion Prowess storyline gating was moved to 4, 6, and 8 (from 3, 5, and 7) to alleviate the unintended combat difficulty increase with the addition of companion loyalty events
  • Winning a battle against enemies lessens the impact on your material losses (fleeing survivors can still take stuff and the enemy can still cause harm to beasts and perishable cargo during a fight, so some losses will remain)
  • Choosing the 'enslave' option lowers Abolitionist faction reputation
  • Staying on the lowest or highest reputation point barrier with a faction disables their knock-on reputation effects for other factions
  • A number of market- and economy-related tweaks
  • Removed the estimation of days of travel from settlements in your Chart that are not reachable in the game (though this may be somewhat immersion-breaking, the Chart this way might cause less confusion when planning journeys)
  • Beast lures received a buff, making them more useful during Appease


Bug Fixes

/Contains spoilers for some quests/

  • Mansio 'Rest' button fix (it will no longer kick you out of the settlement, nor will it cause any other UI issues)
  • You can no longer assign Deputies without them actually having the right Perk
  • Settlement Artwork collapses properly upon clicking and does not get stuck on your screen (see Known Issues for an exception that still remains for now)
  • Regarding Skornar's upgraded Axe Swing in his Guard Stance, we found the core problem, it will be fixed in the next patch
  • Multiple listings of the same equipment will not show up as equipped, only the one that really is equipped
  • Fixed a crash caused by riposte-type skills killing the attacker
  • Combat Skill Cleanse effect tooltip was fixed
  • Your companions after Bestiaris Arena fights will now properly be deselected (making subsequent fights like the challenge battle non-restricted companion-wise)
  • Statistics are now shown (and work) on several previously glitched pieces of Gear and Equipment
  • The first navigation Equipment slot is open by default while the second gets opened up by assigning a Scout Master deputy
  • Skornar’s slave trading in Pilgrims of the Wasteland is now not repeatable ad nauseum (used to allow you infinite money with enough clicking)
  • Cleaned up some Companion portrait mistakes in Events
  • The Golden Theory delivery steps now show the correct amount of goods you need to bring to Kandake
  • Corrected various errand quest errors in the initial Kernak Waystation event
  • The aptly named ‘BottomFront’ Dark Elf mercenary was replaced with a regular one, sadly
  • Wayward Souls quest blocked progress fixed (when delving into the tomb)
  • Dread Reavers guide chart marker repositioned to the correct place
  • Various Garrik personal storyline fixes, including: specialists are now recruitable only once, the final achievement for storyline fixed, brothel interaction that blocked progress is fixed, some wording at the smuggling den improved, and the bug that prevented you from picking up the gang in Lumen is fixed (you should get the passengers in your savegame if you progressed further without getting them)
  • Blessings of the Sadirar quest (with the 4 blessings to access the upper village) fixed
  • Criftaa will get to fight alongside all your companions at the last stage of her quest at the tower (not just the few she skulked around with)
  • Harvek’s personal villa fight will now have the correct enemies (although the 50 VIT Brigand test dummy is very sad about this)
  • You can no longer tell Caepasius that you failed after turning on him in the Trouble at Fort Larius questline (he holds grudges, that one)
  • The rumor about Ash’s slave market was reworded not to confuse anyone about the slave prices there
  • The issue preventing Eylani from joining the comitatus is fixed (she will magically appear in your comitatus if you recruited her but then never showed up)
  • Fort Viridium now allows you to rest there and to stock up on some (expensive) supplies and sell them some goods (via event choices, not the market tab)
  • Successfully investigating the lizard symbol for Finndurarth will not unlock the last part of that questline, too
  • Thadraz now actually returns your Smoldering Heart when he completes the armor for Gor’Goro (sneaky Dwarves!)
  • Morgarthan’s Gaol can now be equipped on other Companions beside Nedir, as originally intended (its bonuses were also tweaked)
  • Skornar’s Shield Bash upgrades now have and show the proper requirements
  • The Dread Reavers will be now less confusing when it comes to their destinations during a certain part of their questline
  • We added options to lower your criminality in Larnak and Avernum, too, you scoundrels, you!
  • Harvek’s payback in the Mines of Plenty now actually requires him to be there with you
  • Various objective markers were updated or fixed
  • Half-Elves receive minor maluses for Imperial factions at character creation to offset their great potential a bit
  • Added clarification to Attributes tooltips as well as some Leadership abilities
  • The Draconic Trading House factions now correctly indicate which settlements are included in the tax exemption on Tiers 3+ (the previous, unfortunate wording created some confusion)
  • Several Companion storyline fights were tweaked (especially Skornar’s and Nedir’s early battles)
  • Criftaa now actually dies when you have her murdered following the Krog’Vor showdown
  • Victory screen slides where the text was too large to fit the box are fixed
  • Your weird nightmares will not give you insight infinitely from now on (just several times, as it was intended)
  • Certain Crew Combat encounters that caused issues in Events when the foe retreated too early were tweaked - they might be tougher now but cases when they flee and can not be stopped, causing a “defeat” should be lessened)
  • The unintended, overly eager interest in metal (resulting in crazy prices) in Sadirar settlements have been toned down to what was originally intended


Known Issues:

  • A few Settlement and Camp buttons are disabled until we find the cause of lockups they cause
  • Edge cases can softlock UI - you can load the game to fix it for now
  • Loading the game while the settlement art is open causes the UI to crash
  • AI taking too long in Companion Combat is still being looked at by the team


Coming Up Next

Bug fixing continues. Meanwhile, the team needs to regroup and assess things post-release, so this time we'll just say that our plans will be revealed soon.

Stay tuned and conquer the wasteland!

- The Lost Pilgrims Team


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