What is a Vagrus?

A fearless rover with a great nose for profit

‘Following the Restoration era, more and more Imperial citizens ended up living semi-nomadic lives, constantly on the road between the isolated settlements, carrying goods and news. Soon, a new kind of leader figure emerged: the fearless rover with a great nose for profit. Romanticized often by the common folk, a vagrus could in truth be as harmless as an infant, or become the most vile of criminal scum. Their significance in the revival of commerce is vastly overrated of course, but even so, they deserve a passing mention here.‘

- Excerpt from Ars Historica by Irn-Pelenis, Court Historian of His Imperial Majesty Valen Xevaris

In the world where the game is set, a vagrus is a person who leads a group of travellers to their destination. Literally meaning ‘wanderer’ in the Imperial language, vagrus now refers to anyone who leads a comitatus, whether it’s temporary or permanent. A comitatus is a sort of caravan, though the word ‘caravan’ may be a misnomer, since comitati (pl.) do not only deal in trading, but often take on mercenary work or volunteer as scouts, or explorers of forsaken places. Although settlements were rebuilt after the Calamity, roads between them are still extremely dangerous, if they are there at all. That is the reason why armed travellers are often the only way to trade and communicate between settlements, making comitati - and vagri (pl.) - essential and therefore, often well-respected.

In the game, the player takes the role of a vagrus, with their very own comitatus, complete with guards, loaders, scouts, beasts of burden, and slaves. Managing the comitatus and the crew are a huge part of the game. Whether you want to play as a merchant, a mercenary, or an explorer, your comitatus can be set up in a way that enhances your preferred playstyle.

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