The new build (v0.5.14) for Vagrus is out on GOG and Steam
31 Jul | 7:00 pm

Patch 0.5.14 - codename: Bandage

- Almost all crash bugs fixed (still chasing one in the companion combat)

- A massive number of performance improvements

- Chapter 9 autosave added at PotW climax combat sequence

- Trade Tasks a bit more profitable

- The bug that preventing low-level Trade Tasks generation resolved

- Another bug hindering Trade Tasks generation in general fixed

- Crew combat strength calculation corrected

- Crew combat difficulty introduced slower (The true answer will be 'Flee', though)

- Random Crew combat on Point of Interest nodes bug resolved

- Scouting into multiple directions costs less Resourcefulness

- Scouting Movement Point cost got a little cheaper too

- The tax percentage reduced on non-cargo valuables in the generic Road Tax event

- Imperial 'wanted criminal' status increases slower but still can get locked out of Tor'Zag

- Fixed the issue where companion recruitment events could be repeated

- Companion loyalty losses in events and due to game mechanics reduced a bit

- The bug that caused permanent Resourcefulness loss resolved (for the future only)

- Some wide-screen problems (like chat-heads covering text, etc.) solved

- Music loop time setting added

- Brand new GFX setting boost performance

- V-sync option now properly saved

- Corrected the sound balance (it was accidentally heavy on the right channel)

- A metric ton of typos and event script errors fixed

- Tooltip improvements


From next week we will start to design and implement the Flee option in Crew Combat, also diminishing returns on Evade and Block in Companion combat to stack against RNG better. We are hoping to roll these out too within a few weeks.


Stay tuned, stay alive, conquer the wasteland!

The Lost Pilgrims Team

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